Outreach Services

The Outreach program is designed to address and meet the needs of women who have experienced abuse, are experiencing abuse, or are at risk of experiencing abuse, through one-on-one contact and support. It’s designed for women in the community who are unable to come into the shelter, or who are not in need of the housing aspect but require services to keep themselves and their children safe from abuse.


• Supportive solution focused counselling
• Goal setting and safety planning
• Parenting information and strategies
• Follow-up services for former in-shelter clients

Advocacy and Referrals:

• Income support
• Basic needs (housing, food, clothing, furnishings)
• Parenting programs
• Community resources
• Counselling/Mental Health
• Addiction Services
• Education
• Employment
• Court and legal support

One-on-One Healthy Relationship and Domestic Abuse Education

• What is Domestic Abuse?
• Cycle of Abuse
• Why is He Abusive?
• How Abuse Affects Me
• Effects of Abuse on Children
• Boundaries
• Healing and Self-Care
• Moving Forward and New Relationships
• Strengthening the Relationship and Communication

Additional Topics:
• Co-parenting
• Effects of Trauma
• Grief and Loss
• Anxiety and Stress

Indigenous Support

The primary goal is to ensure support and preventative education is provided to Aboriginal community members within the Rowan House service area.
Regular presence is offered in the Eden Valley community to provide outreach counselling and education related to family violence. This program also provides Rowan House shelter and community clients with the highest quality of culturally appropriate service delivery.