Shelter Transition Program

A recent feasibility study conducted by Rowan House shows there has been an increasing number of women and children turned away from emergency shelters. This reflects not only the lack of capacity but also a shortage of safe and affordable housing options, leading to longer stays in the emergency shelter.

Rowan House's Shelter Transition program helps women to move out of shelter and into their own affordable accommodation while still maintaining supports from Rowan House. It provides a woman with a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment with a reduced rent and damage deposit. The financial barriers of damage deposits and monthly rent are difficult to overcome when women are also dealing with domestic abuse.

A woman’s stay in the program is for one year but may be extended in certain circumstances. Programming includes education and advocacy, such as counselling, budgeting, safety planning, parenting support, and referrals, to help women re-establish themselves back in their community.

A recent Canadian study showed that 31% of shelter users intended to return to their abuser because of lack of housing (Taylor-Butts, 2007 as reported in Ponic et al., 2011). The Transitional Housing program gives women the opportunity to truly get on their feet and move forward to a life free of violence.

Rowan House is currently recruiting
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