Children’s programming

Women who come to Rowan House often have children in their care who also require a safe haven, time to relax, and a chance to enjoy being a child. We offer specialized programming for children that focuses on building self-esteem and teach coping skills for managing anxiety. Moms are encouraged to be a part of their child’s learning by utilizing structure in the Child Support Center where staff can assist in modeling healthy relationships, positive interactions and child centered play to facilitate a healthy parent-child attachment.



• Nurturing, non-judgemental childcare practices that reflect an understanding of the challenges children who have witnessed abuse may be facing.
• Purposeful activities based on child’s need, involving mom in the process. 
• Opportunities for physical and creative activity. 
• Relationship building with primary caregiver to develop child’s self-esteem and resiliency.
• Healthy lifestyle and parenting information, as well as abuse-recovery education for moms.
• Connect families to community resources and recreational activities.